Well, we love this easy way our favourite super star musicians, Ayo Balogun aka Wizkid, and his bestie, Tiwa Savage relate with each other, don’t we? It sure looks as though Tiwa Savage is not ready to let go of her friendship with Wizkid as they continue their public display of affection towards each other. Although their “friendship” only became news towards the end of 2017, the two of them do look as though they genuinely like one another, even though they haven’t officially announced their romance, which is much anticipated by millions of people, this recent video sure makes us feel like they are an item.

Tiwa Savage and Wizkid’s relationship has been a controversy for a while. While majority of their Fans thinks they are romantically involved with each other, some have a different opinion saying that is how close allies do. The two ‘besties’ as they fondly call each other have manged not to give a direct answer to questions about relationship even as they continue to show supports for each other’s career and occasionally spends quality time together.View this post on Instagram

Is this why Tiwa Savage called Wizkid a ‘bad boy’

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Recently, Tiwa Savage declared that ‘Innocent Wizkid has turned bad boy‘. The statement was made in a jovial atmosphere without any ill motive while admiring a billboard advert for Pepsi that displayed a young Wizkid and herself. Wizkid might just be proving to Tiwa Savage that he is really a bad boy as the Starboy tried to fondle her bum bum in a new video. In the video, the duo were seen having fun within an environment close to a Beach and when Wizkid noticed that Tiwa Savage’s hand was busy carrying a food pack, the singer approached her to quickly carry out his mission. He held the other hand and smacked her bumbum leaving the lady behind the camera shocked. Watch the hilarious video below.View this post on Instagram

#Wizkid Slap #TiwaSavave Butt, Tiwa Attempted to Return it With Slap. Video by @nairafame : 2:26am Fever! Wizkid slap Tiwa Savage butt as they both play roughly, Tiwa Savage attempted to return it with hot slap on Wizkid face but Starboy hold her hand and pick a race. Watch the hilarious video below Source: https://www.nairafame.com/2019/05/wizkid-seen-slapping-tiwa-savave-butt.html

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The smooth relationship between our favourite super star musicians is not ending anytime soon as the pop stars are not letting go of each other. At least, not for now. Although they are yet to come forward to deny or accept their rumoured relationship, they just keep pointing us to it.

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Everybody knows and loves the music of Wizkid, his stage presence, and unique voice. He is one of Nigeria’s brightest stars in history. These are the main reasons why Wizkid’s life is always in the public eye, and he is unable to date someone without the media watching their every move. The same thing could be said about Tiwa Savage, the most recognized female pop singer in Nigeria, who is signed to Mavin Records. That is why Nigerians were really shaken when the news about Wizkid and Tiwa Savage’s alleged romantic relationship appeared. The fact that there is a ten-year age difference between the singers only fueled the rumors.

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The two characters of our story have known each other for a long time, since they are both very talented and famous musicians, and their paths have crossed in the music circles. When Wizkid and Tiwa Savage got acquainted better, they decided to collaborate on their songs together. Since they have released their debut collaboration, which was a song called “Bad” on Tiwa’s second album “R.E.D.”, fans noticed that there is definitely a very strong friendship between the two artistes.

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As we can see, Tiwa really appreciates Wizkid, often calling him her best friend. Her divorce with her ex-husband Tee Billz was very messy, so she truly deserves happiness with someone else, after all, she went through. And Wizkid, who was always known for being a female heartthrob, has not posted photos on his social media with other women except Tiwa in a while, and he regards her very highly. Of course, after so many leads, the fans and the media started actively speculating about Wizkid, Tiwa and their romantic relationship. Some were certain that there is something, while some denied it, saying they are just friends. However, Wizkid and Tiwa dropped a true bomb on us, which reignited the rumors about their romance. Care to see what it was?

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The hit single of Wizkid, called “Fever” last year, instantly became the new favorite jam of Nigerians. As the song started gaining popularity, Wizkid apparently decided that it really needs a steamy and juicy video. Even though Tiwa Savage was not involved in the recording of the song, Wizkid chose to invite her to star in the video for his new single. And when the official video for “Fever” was dropped on October 23rd, the Nigerians were stunned to see the on-screen chemistry between two award-winning music superstars. From the video, Wizkid and Tiwa seemed like they are very comfortable around each other, as the scenes were full of the passionate interactions between the two.

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After the release of the ‘Fever’ video, Tiwa Savage stated on social media that she and Wizkid are just the best of friends, and this was the reason why they decided to appear in “Fever” together, playing a couple in love. Wizkid also emphasized their close friendship and said that the video for “Fever” is very special to him.

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Clearly, Wizkid and Tiwa know better about the nature of their relationship than everyone else, and all the publicity only helps their careers to blossom. The fans have different opinions on their relationship. Some do not want them to get together because of the age difference or do not want Tiwa Savage to end up being another “baby mama” of Wizkid, joining the company of the three that he already has. Some people say that if the Starboy has a close female friend, it does not necessarily mean that they are in love. However, some people are rooting for them and find them very cute together. They are certain that both singers are deserving of finding their love and happiness.

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There has been no information about Wizkid’s other love interests lately, so naturally, people assume that his girlfriend is Tiwa Savage. For now, neither Wizkid nor Tiwa have officially confirmed their relationship, but there have been a lot of hints that indicate that such an outcome is possible. Time will tell if they really have feelings for each other, or if their alleged romance is a publicity stunt.

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