‘They’re Teaching Them How To Do Homo’ – Actress Angela Okorie On Fears of Sending Her Son Abroad

Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie, got people talking on social media after opening up on her fear of relocating her son abroad.

The movie star was a guest on media personality Nedu’s podcast, where the topic for the day was parenting and the internet.

While speaking on the show, Angela explained that what they teach in schools abroad was one of the reasons she was reluctant to relocate her son.

The movie star explained that in those schools, kids are thought to be ‘homo’ or that they can change their private parts to that of the opposite gender.

According to Angela, they teach them a lot of things she doesn’t want her son to learn or become.

In her words: “My major fear and that’s the reason it was so hard for me to relocate my son abroad is because of what they’re teaching children. In schools right now abroad, they are teaching kids on how to be homo, they are teaching them a lot of things on how to… you’re a man you can actually live like a girl and change the other side and become a girl from being a man. They’re teaching them a lot of things that I don’t want my son to learn and I don’t want my son to be, so it’s really a problem.”

Angela added that parents have a big role to play in the upbringing of their children.

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