“They are beginning to confess like local witch at Okere junction” -Hilda Dokubo shades Okowa’s daughter for begging ‘Obidients’ for vote

Hilda Dokubo, a Nollywood actress, has criticised Okowa’s daughter for her plea to Peter Obi’s fans.

On March 11th, Okowa’s daughter, who is running for Delta state assemblies under the banner of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), begged Peter Obi’s supporters to support her and the PDP.

Hilda Dokubo responded by saying that politicians are starting to admit. She continued by equating them to the witches who lived nearby at Okere Junction.

Hilda questioned whether the other politicians would come clean or would prefer to let their children to carry the disgrace they had inflicted upon them.

“We have not even started and they are beginning to confess like the local witch at Okere junction.

Well shit has hit ceiling! Will the rest of you confess or you would rather have your children and grandchildren live with the shame you have left them?”.

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