“The younger ones don’t last longer,” she said, “therefore I can’t marry a man who is under 60.” – Linda John, a performer

Nollywood actress Linda John has admitted that she wouldn’t hesitate to wed a man older than 60.

According to Linda John, age is just a number and most younger men who claim to be very fit for marriage are the ones who tend not to last as long as the older ones. Linda John made this statement in a recent interview with The Sun.

She did note that older males have to fulfill specific requirements in order to be taken into consideration. Among the prerequisites, she included wisdom, kindness, and empathy.

She said;

“I cannot marry a man that is lesser than 60 years, the younger ones don’t last longer. I have seen younger marriages break up in less than a year and I have seen older marriages last longer. So, yes I can marry someone above 60 that is mature at heart, kind and sensitive. When the heart beats in the right direction, everything falls in place”

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