The searing bigotry that a Nigerian woman living in Germany experienced made her say, “I would rather go back to Africa and start all over.”

She was humiliated by the experience and criticized how prevalent racism is in the nation.

A Nigerian woman living in Germany has used social media to share her painful story of encountering bigotry there.

The mother, who looks to be from Germany, claimed that she went to the mall to make some purchases after dropping her kids off at school.

She decided on the products and went to the checkout desk to pay, but the white cashier treated her poorly because of the color of her skin.

She claims that the same cashier who handed a white client his change in his hands also directed her to pick up her change after tossing it on the ground.

The woman, who was humiliated by the experience, criticized the country’s pervasive racism and declared that she would rather go back to Africa and start over there than endure such inhumane treatment abroad.

Several responses to the video have been posted on Instagram.

@stephaniewhitey_ wrote, “U should hv picked something with the same amount and tell her to pick ur money from the floor
For every gbas……”

@don_emiano wrote, “Even in Nigeria racism is here….for the past 1yr igbo people have been facing racism from other tribes because of election”

@realmarketphraim wrote, “Please start coming back home dear or you stop complaining. You should have known the history of Germany  before migrating there”

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