The Day I almost committed suicide – Gospel Singer, Tim Godfrey shares

Superstar Gospel Singer, Tim Godfrey has narrated how he attempted suicide when he was younger due to hardship as a ‘houseboy’.

The singer revealed in an interview with The Sun that he had very humble beginnings and had to become a houseboy by the age of 12.

gWhen he was asked his most embarrassing moment working as a houseboy, he said ;

Working as a houseboy was not an embarrassing experience but a painful one. I was always beaten and abused. There was nothing fun about the experience. I was flogged until I bled. I never stole and was not disobedient but it was not a good experience. I remember one day I ran away from my master’s house and I almost committed suicide.

I was like ‘this life is not worth it. If I go back to my parents, this man will come for me again, because that was about the fourth time I was running away from his house’. It was a nightmare staying with him. I couldn’t watch television, listen to radio or play around with friends.

I was just there washing, cleaning and sweeping. I became a houseboy at the age of 12 due to crippling poverty.

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