“The boy that I beat was my apprentice” – Portable says after his former signee, Manny Monie revealed he wrote the petition to the police against the singer

According to Singer Portable, the young man he assaulted when he went to sign a petition against him was his trainee.

The boy that I beat was my apprentice - Portable says after his former signee, Manny Monie revealed he wrote the petition to the police against the singer

Remember how on Tuesday, Ogun state police command personnel rushed his bar to arrest him, but he refused, claiming they had a warrant.

The musician had been invited over for questioning more than five times, according to the police, who later admitted that they had received a petition against him.

He allegedly resisted arrest when officers went to pick him up at his bar after obtaining a warrant, according to the police headquarters.

His former signee, Manny Monie, revealed he was the one who wrote the petition to the police against the singer. According to Monie, the petition was written in December last year and that efforts to get Portable to come for questioning proved abortive. 

‘’I was the one that wrote the petition against portable. It is not today we wrote the petition. We wrote it since December  last year. The police have tried their possible best. They did not want his name to ‘spoil’ online so they invited him over. They gave him at least three months to say his own side of the story. He beat me, assaulted me, seized my property , made false allegations against me online.”Monie said

Reacting to t by his former signee, Portable accused Manny Monie of being a fraudster. He said Monie was his apprentice and that he indeed assaulted Monie. He said beating up his apprentice is not something the police should get involved in.

‘’That boy wey I beat, he’s my boy. I’m a boss to him. Oga go beat apprentice na? That one no mean say make Police come say make dem come arrest you. This boy is my boy. He’s into Yahoo [Internet fraud]. I advised him to quit but he still dey do the scam dey go. Then I pursued him. I beat him. I flogged him. Now you want to arrest me because of I flogged him? He come to write a petition about me, about a celebrity superstar. He’s a Yahoo boy. Yahoo boy came to lay a complaint. He write petition about superstar celebrity. My work is legit. I do music for a living. I no fear anybody, na only God I fear,” he said

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