Ten people shot at French Montana’s video shoot in Miami

According to reports, a shooting that occurred when rappers Rob49 and French Montana were recording a music video injured ten people.

Just before 8 o’clock on Thursday, January 5, Miami Police and Fire Rescue units went to the scene of a shooting at The Licking Restaurant in Miami Gardens.

The popular New Orleans rapper Rob49, 24, and one of French Montana’s bodyguards were two of the victims, according to several posts on social media. The reports have not yet been verified by police.

 Ten people are shot at French Montana

Miami Gardens Police Department detective Diana Gorgue told local outlet WSVN that law enforcement is ‘still working [the scene].’

‘There’s multiple shots, there’s multiple cases,’ she said. ‘We can’t confirm any numbers at this moment, because everything is still fresh.’

Paramedics reportedly airlifted four victims to the Ryder Trauma Center.

 Ten people are shot at French Montana

A first responder said via radio transmission, ‘We had a total of 10 [victims]. Four brought themselves to the hospital, and we’ve treated six transported.’

At least one of the victims was in critical condition on Thursday night. Montana’s bodyguard was, according to multiple social media posts, fighting for his life following the mass shooting. 

News crews also captured rescue crews wheeling two victims on stretchers into the hospital.

Witnesses Ced Mogul said rapper French Montana had been shooting a music video outside soul food restaurant The Licking, which is owned by DJ Khaled.

In cell phone footage, French Montana, 38, can be seen in the parking lot of the restaurant as others stand around.

Eyewitness Ced Mogul said that a man in the crowd was robbed of his keys and wallet, after which the shooting broke out.

The witness said the progression from confusion to multiple gunshots was ‘very rapid.’

‘It was like at least 13, 14, 15 gunshots. It sounded like an assault rifle,’ he said, adding that he took off running.

Hours following the shooting, it remained unclear whether an individual shot into the crowd or whether it was an exchange of fire. It was also unclear whether anyone had been taken into custody.

Following the shooting, French Montana’s status remains unknown, though there was no indication that he is among the injured.

TMZ reported that security got him out of the area without incident.

CBS reported that law enforcement will be going through videos posted to social media and surveillance tapes of the area as they investigate the incident.

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