Teenager Attempts to Poison Best Friend, Two Others Over iPhone X (Video)

A Nigerian teenager gets caught while attempting to poison his best friend and his two brothers over intentions to steal their iPhone X.

A video making the rounds on social media  captured the desperate attempt of a young boy who tried to take the lives of three people so as to steal and get away with one of their smartphones.

In the video, he could be heard questioned on how he planned to carry out the plan without being suspected. He confessed that he had added rat poison to their food with the hope of killing them.

His best friend could be heard in the background feeling betrayed by the move but was calmed so as to get the full confession from the teenager. The 30-second video, however, did not detail how the plan failed, and whether or not he was handed over to the police for further investigation.

“Little boy want to poison his bestfriend and 2 brothers because he want to thief iPhone X,” the caption on the video read.

The video has since sparked mixed reactions on social media as many berated his desperation for a device that has a short lifespan.

Watch video below

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