“Take Down The Video Or…” – Destiny Etiko Threatens Prankster Untouchable With 24-Hrs Ultimatum (Video)

Destiny Etiko, has warned noted Nigerian prankster Chibuike Gabriel aka Untouchable comedy to take down a prank video of her circulating the internet from his various platforms and social media.

Untouchable previously pranked Etiko by planting a reportedly dead human inside her car booth, leading her to scream in horror and express rage for toying with her emotions.

In an attempt to gain her forgiveness, Untouchable pulled another trick by misleading her with a car gift.

With the recordings still making waves online, Destiny angrily demanded Untouchable to remove the tapes from his pages on June 7 via Facebook because he refused to reimburse her.

Destiny issued a 24-hour ultimatum to the prankster to delete the videos or pay for damages. She threatened fire and brimstone if he fails to comply.

Watch the video below

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