Tacha, a reality TV celebrity, distributes money to people on the street using PVC

Any eligible citizen who lacks a PVC, according to her, is one of this nation’s problems.

Natacha Akide, also known as Tacha, a reality TV personality, recently came to the streets to distribute money to people who had Permanent Voters Cards, demonstrating once more her dedication to fostering a better Nigeria (PVC).

Tacha, who has frequently used her platform and voice to inform Nigerians about the next election, made the decision to go one step further by rewarding those who have PVC.

She flooded the street to meet random individuals and offered them cash on the spot if they displayed their PVCs, as seen in a video that was posted online.

The brand influencer claims that she is not donating money because she is excessively wealthy but rather because she cares about Nigeria’s future and wants other Nigerians to share her concern.

She continued by urging people to vote morally because they are not only casting a ballot for themselves but also for their children and unborn offspring.

The 27-year-old businesswoman added that any eligible person who lacks a PVC is one of this nation’s concerns.

PVC collection ends on the 22nd of January 2023 ahead of election in February.

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