Sudan🇸🇩: Reports of Gunfire as👉 Army Moves in on Khartoum ✊Protesters

Sudanese security forces have entered the site of a sit-in in central Khartoum early on Monday amid gunfire, witnesses and Arab television stations reported, in what activists said was an attempt to disperse the protest outside the defence ministry.

A medical association affiliated to protesters said at least one person was killed and several were injured in the raid, which is still in progress.

“The protesters holding a sit-in in front of the army general command are facing a massacre in a treacherous attempt to disperse the protest,” the main protest group said in a statement, urging the Sudanese people to come to their rescue.

A witness living in the Burri neighbourhood in east Khartoum said he could “hear the sound of gunfire and I see a plume of smoke rising from the area of the sit-in.”

Another resident of the area, which is near the sit-in, said he had seen forces in “police uniform” trying to expel the demonstrators.


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