“Success of my album helped my healing process” — Davido

Davido, a well-known Afrobeats artist from Nigeria, on how the success of his fourth studio album, “Timeless,” has helped him get over the devastating death of his three-year-old son, Ifeanyi Adeleke.

In a recent interview with Hot 107.9 FM in Atlanta, Georgia, the artist revealed this.

Davido acknowledged that it took him three months to get the energy to start the songwriting for his album.

He made it clear that the tragic event of his son’s death at his home on Banana Island, Lagos State, in October 2022 had a negative impact on him.

In his words, “It is a special album to me, you know what I’m saying. Of course, after taking a long break, just coming back to having people really m*ss with the music. You know, sometimes you do an album, you probably get like four or three on there that are like big singles…”

When asked how he is feeling now, the OBO crooner said, “It hasn’t been easy. I just thank God for being able to do my job, to sit here talk to you. There was a point that I felt I wouldn’t be able to do my job. So, I’m just happy I’m able to be creative again.

“The success of the album has been part of my healing process. After like three months [after Ifeanyi’s demise] I was able to work again. Shootouts to all the producers that came through.”


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