Stephanie Coker, a media personality, advocates for the cancellation of the Ogun state elections because “the election was neither free nor fair.”

She said that APC coordinated with INEC, the election agency, to rig the results in Ogun state.

Stephanie Coker, a well-known media personality and actress, has demanded that the Ogun State NASS and presidential elections be put off.

In a post on Instagram, Stephanie said that the poll she participated in in Abeokuta, Ogun state, was neither free nor fair.

She claimed that the APC had “hijacked” the electoral process and supported her assertion with screenshots of a purportedly manipulated result.

She claimed that the APC, the state’s current government, and INEC, the electoral commission, colluded to rig the Ogun state election.

The 34-year-old thespian wrote,

“The presidential and NASS elections in OGUN state should be cancelled!

I voted in OGUN state and I can categorically state that this election was neither free nor fair.

APC hijacked the process as is evident in these results I have posted here.

How can accredited voters be 69 and APC receive 136 votes. This is just one of many inaccurate results from Abeokuta.

Bvas was not working at multiple polling units and people were told they would be accredited after voting.

This led to over voting in a number of polling units.

APC have colluded with INEC to manipulate Ogun state results.

INEC need to explain why after 48 hours uploading of results has not been completed.”

See her post below,

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