Spyro talks on the benefit to his career of meeting Tiwa thanks to Tunde Ednut’s introduction.

Spyro, a budding musician from Nigeria, has talked about how blogger Tunde Ednut connected with him and encouraged his artistic goals.

On his Instagram feed, the rapper praised Tunde Ednut, a soldier stationed in the US, for his help.

Tunde phoned Spyro after the release of his song “Who is your guy” to find out what would happen next and how he could help.

He then offered options for a number of musicians with whom he might work before deciding on the vocalist Tiwa.

Spyro claims that Tiwa has a nice disposition and that he falls in love with her every time they converse.

He wrote: So @mufasatundeednut buzzed me and said to me …your song is Blown and it’s time to take it to the next level so who would you wanna have on it ?

We went through couple of names and we both landed on so he called her up and BOOM the rest is history and I must say looking back that I don’t regret a bit of that decision…

S/O to @mufasatundeednut the baddest plug and to the queen herself I LOVE YOU ,thank you for being the best GUY so far ❤️

Yo guys, Tiwa is such an amazing soul. Super glad i chose her for my remix. I actually think i need to stop talking to her on phone, the more we talk the more I fall for her. My guyest guy is Tiwa, he wrote.


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