Spyro, a singer, recalls in a video about his former residence before becoming famous, “I once killed 98 mosquitoes in one night.”

He uploaded a video of himself traveling to the neighborhood in his Prado Jeep while being escorted by cops.

Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, also known as Spyro, a rapidly emerging Nigerian artist, recently reminisced and praised God for his blessings.

Spyro visited his old neighborhood to exhibit the house he lived in before becoming famous. Spyro is best known for his hit song “who is your guy?”

He uploaded a video to his Instagram feed showing himself entering the property, which was obviously an old and dilapidated one, after being escorted by police as he drove to the neighborhood in his Prado Jeep.

He claimed that the house still had an unpleasant odor from when he had previously lived there and that he had once killed 98 mosquitoes in his room in a single night.

Spyro uploaded this video a few weeks after buying two opulent residences in Lagos for himself and his business partner because he was so grateful for his development.

He wrote,

“I am that one leper who will always return to COUNT HIS BLESSINGS and give all glory back to GOD … Never judge yourself by your current situation guys ,you are a work in progress … it might take a while but a pregnant woman will one day deliver but do not forget when he changes your story to #COUNTYOURBLESSINGS”

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