Solomon Buchi suggests bowing to propose to a woman, but a man says, “I can never do that.”

Solomon Buchi, a self-described life coach, was opposed by Emmanuel Onyenanu, a Nigerian man, who made it clear that he would never stoop to propose to a lady.

Solomon Buchi explained on his Facebook page why a man proposing to his girlfriend while on his knees is perfectly acceptable.

He wrote;
“There’s nothing wrong with an African man kneeling to ask his woman to marry him. Stop calling men simps for doing that. Oh yes, it’s not an African tradition, so is using Twitter to communicate not an African tradition. You speak English, is it our tradition? You wear suits, is it our tradition? Most people are aware of cultural influences from the whites, we only choose which ones serve us according to individual differences. Calling a man simp for proposing on his knees, doesn’t mean you’re half a better man than him. Maybe, you lack love.”

Emmanuel responded by saying he could never pull it off.

He was not interested because, in his opinion, not kneeling did not prevent him from being a decent husband or father.

Read his words;

“The issues is that I can’t do that That is My decision Not yours sir It doesn’t hinder me from taking care of my woman and children or love them much But as for kneeling down to propose That one is a Capital NO Others can kneel down to propose, I didn’t say is bad But I cant just do it.”

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