“So beautiful but hip pad did her bad” — Bride’s sister causes stir

Despite the restriction of her hip pad, the bride’s sister steals the show at the wedding ceremony with her heart-melting dance routines.

She reportedly enthralled the crowd with her dancing performance to Davido’s song “Electricity,” showcasing a variety of trendy hand and leg movements with finesse.

The crowd heartily applauded the bride’s sister as she proceeded to dance. The woman astonished everyone by vigorously shaking her shoulders just as they thought she was ready to take a seat, which caused the audience to yell for more.

Her hip pad, however, became apparent throughout the performance, which has since prompted comments on social media.

See how netizens reacted …

Emotional Toyz said: “This soo beautiful but the hip pad did her bad.”

Emefa said: “The bride ️is even surprise.”

Akosua Arthur said: “The bride is shockprised.”

Harriet Atuiah said: “It is the hip for me.”

Mia Mamsabea said: “Bet she was soo overjoyed she forgot for a second … but the energy overshadowed.”

EveEvelin Nana Owusu said: “Good dancer but next time wear silicone pad feel well advised.”

Akua said: “The way the bride is looking at her.”

MamahRash said: “The look on the bride face.”

phoebedamilola288 said: “The bride was wowed.”

DeeSena said: “She had all this planned yet she go wear hip pad she killed it tho.” 


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