Singer Tems is criticized for being ‘insensitive’ over view blocking’ headpiece outfit to 2023 Oscars

Grammy Award-winning singer Temilade Openiyi, better known by her stage name Tems, is well-known. She has come under fire for her Oscars 2023 outfit.

The 27-year-old arrived to the event dressed in a stunning white gown that everyone noticed.

The song “Lift Me Up,” which Tems and popular performer Rihanna co-wrote, was nominated for the 2023 Oscars in the category of Best Original Song.

Yet, her dress had drawn criticism from internet users who thought it obscured other people’s views of the stage.

One netizen wrote: “The dress was gorgeous on the red carpet, but this is beyond rude once seated. Her stylist should have had another dress for her to change into before she was seated. Celebrities do that all the time at events.”

Another tweeted: “So no one asked her to take it off or move? Obnoxious”

One Bonzee creations wrote, “What in the name of fashion is this? Is that why she’s trending for the wrong reason? Cos people sitting behind would be affected. We need to learn to show consideration to other people. She would have still looked hot without the hoodie design. Oyinbo folks don dey drag her for Twitter Sha with a pic of her sitting in the crowd… purpose defeated

One Lady purity wrote, “Beautiful but please it’s too much… imagine using your dress to obstruct people’s view

One Soufancyhuh lcsw wrote, “Lmao not caring about anyone behind her!

One Suss Zzy wrote, “Gorgeous but wasn’t suitable for the occasion. More of a Met Gala kind of outfit

One Doris Iamreal wrote, “Very inconsiderate I thought because she was covering the people behind her. Wrong choice of everything for sitting inside

One Suz Marie wrote, “Beautiful dress. But she should have been considerate of other people’s view or sit at the corner of back…just saying

One ibwstarr wrote, “Nice, but she definitely obstructed the view for those behind her

One ussahh wrote, “I kinda feel this outfit is wrong for the said event. She’s beautiful though

One Blessed bey wrote, “Missed opportunity. She is beautiful but the outfit choice was miss”.

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