“Since God called our father into the ministry, our family has never known lack” – Lady celebrates dad for sponsoring 4 children’s education despite not having any paid job

A young woman claimed that since her father, who does not have a paying job, was called into the ministry, her family has never experienced poverty.

This was posted by the woman on the Twitter microblogging service.

She claimed that after her father was summoned to work in the Lord’s vineyard, things for her family improved.

Even though he did not have a job that paid him a salary, he was able to finance the education of his four children as a minister.

She wrote:

” My Dad doesn’t earn a salary. He doesn’t do any paying work. God called Him into a ministry and told him, “I will be your employer” and we’ve not known lack till today. He sponsors our education (4 of us). We live in a very comfortable house, we always have all we need too.

I think about all the amazing amazing things that works for my Dad and I just conclude that this is God. I don’t know but I also know there’s a special grace over this man’s life, a convenat. There’s almost no one he doesn’t know. I mean all the big men.”

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