Showbiz entrepreneur Richard Nnaji details crazy length a man went to get a ‘premium’ babe’s attention before making her his wife

Richard Nnaji, a businessman in show business, revealed the extent a man went to in order to get a “premium chick” who had been rebuffing his attempts.

The proprietor of Nnaji opened up about the lives of Lagos’ powerful people while speaking with Gbemi and Toolz on their programme “Off Air.”

He revealed the amount of money some men spend at the club and the lengths these “big men” will go to win the hearts of the women they desire.

He continued by telling the tale of a “premium babe” who had a Volkswagen Bug.

“This is a true life story. This is based on premium babes,” Richard Nnaji recalled.

He said a “big man” met the “premium babe” in the club drinking with her friends and he fancied her but she wouldn’t give him her attention, so the rich man waited for her outside the club then rammed his Hummer jeep into her car twice.

When she got down to create a scene and area boys gathered, the man got down too, apologised, gave her his card, and asked her to call him so he can get her a new car.

“I can’t mention names but they are married today,” Nnaji said.

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