“She wants to embarrass my family” – Pregnant woman exposed for having two baby showers with two different men

On Facebook, a young woman going by the name Tatyy Riches criticised a pregnant woman for attending two baby showers with two different guys.

The young woman, who would not specify their relationship, said that the expecting mother was defaming her family.

In the photos shared by the young lady, the pregnant woman was seen at two different baby showers with two different men she allegedly pinned the child’s paternity on with them knowing.

Tatyy shared photos of the soon-to-be mother wearing the same dress at different baby showers with the men.

Tatyy Riches wrote; “Like I said.. two different baby showers, two different nias, SAME DRESS, and the bih still out here lying, she wanna embarrass my family ima embarrass her, beware of the whores !! !! !! “

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