“She learned through the suffering” Sanni Alesh, an actor, evokes strong feelings as he praises Funke Akindele for making Nollywood history.

Yoruba Nollywood actor Sanni Alesh’s heartfelt homage to Funke Akindele for creating yet another Nollywood record has sparked strong feelings online.

On Instagram, Sanni Alesh published a photo of Funke Akindele along with an emotive essay about how the actress continues to break down barriers.

Sanni Alesh complimented Funke Akindele for her bravery, character, drive to achieve her goals, and much-desired way of life.

The actor commended Funke Akindele for making yet another piece of Nollywood history by becoming the first actress to have her name appear on the voting ballot.

In addition, he proclaimed that Funke Akindele had triumphed over the world despite her defeat in the ongoing Lagos governor election.

He wrote, “Aunty Funke. I have so much to say about you ⭐️ your lifestyle, your courage, your personality ❤️ you a goal getter 👏 so proud of you always @funkejenifaakindele

She arrived. She observed… Because she was the first actress to even dare to have her name on a ballot, history was made as she learned through the suffering and enormous loss she endured.

Elections have come and gone, but because of what you just done, a lot of people will follow in your footsteps.

Afterwards, it will be our victory. We won’t overlook the fact that you mapped out this plan. Takun obirin takun

You are made of a different fabric than they used to be, and they no longer produce them that way. From here, it will always be love.

Funke Akindele breaks Nigerian records again

According to a tweet by Film One, Funke Akindele’s most recent film, Battle on Buka Street, outperformed her 2020 release, Omo Ghetto The Saga.

Omo Ghetto the Saga came in second with 636 million naira, while Fight on Buka Street outperformed it with 640 million naira.

The only rival the actress had, according to Filmone on Instagram, was herself.

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