“She humbled pregnancy,” as reactions to the lovely pregnancy look of a Nigerian woman go viral

The young mother uploaded a video of her first and second pregnancies, which occurred in 2021 and 2022, respectively.

With her amazing pregnancy makeover video, a Nigerian woman has astounded online viewers and set herself apart from other “pregnancy humbled me” films.

Contrary to videos depicting how pregnant women’s physical characteristics, particularly their noses, were drastically changed, this woman retained her normal appearance and may have even appeared beautiful.

The young mother uploaded a video of her first and second pregnancies in 2021 and 2022, and during all three trimesters, she practically glowed.

She wrote in the Instagram video’s caption,

“Pregnancy is such a bittersweet experience. Regardless of how pregnancy treated you, what matters is you birthed a human being!!! Now that is some real hero shit!. Cheers mama, treat yourself to something nice today, you deserve it!”.

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@_jennysparkles wrote, “Now this is called pregnancy  the other ones na Belle”

The video has received a ton of feedback online, with some praising the woman’s amazing looks and others thanking her for giving them hope for pregnancy again despite all the negative news it has received.

@irks_r.a wrote, “If money dey nd you sabi package normally, nah so e dey be … aww so pretty”

@andikan.bassey wrote, “Thank you for semi restoring my hope in pregnancy. I really appreciate.”

@dfginsta wrote, “This is like the first pregnancy glow I don see… all the ones they have been posting has been scary”

@chinonso_ wrote, “This was me when i was pregnant  if I wasn’t careful hubby would have added another one cos I looked ravishing ”

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