Self Proclaimed Jesus Christ, Seeks Police Protection After Residence Said He Must Be Crucified

Kenyans can’t resist the urge to stress assuming that Bungoma man Eliud Simiyu, the so called Jesus of Tongaren, will satisfy the sacred texts as a huge number of Christians mark the loaned season that, as per Book of scriptures lessons, will end with the execution and revival of Jesus Christ.

At the point when Jesus Christ was arrested by the Pharisees, the Book of scriptures guarantees that he went through a lot of torment. Christ’s execution, demise, revival, and climb to paradise would be the perfection of his Energy.

As Easter methodologies, one internet based client has shockingly declared that Jesus of Tongeren has voiced fear for his life.

After certain occupants intends to kill him and see whether he will ascend from the dead,apparently he announced this make a difference to the police.

Which left tweeps presuming that after all we realize he isn’t the genuine Savior.

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