Self-confessed alcoholic recounts how alcohol addiction saved him from being killed by a police officer who shot at him

Self-confessed Raphael Nyahwema, an alcoholic from Zimbabwe, has described how drinking alcohol enabled him to avoid bullets fired at him by Jaison Muvhevhi, a rogue former police officer.

Nyahwema, a 23-year-old who is also the custodian of Mutare Boys High School, nearly missed death by dodging three bullets Muvhevhi fired at him.

Speaking to journalist Nickson Mpofu, he said; 

 “on January 15 Muvhevhi went to Mutare Boys High School Ward 11 Mutasa South Constituency, where he approached the residential quarters of Mutare Boys High ancillary staff and came across one female, Zvikomborero MANGWORWA, aged 23 who was just coming out from taking a bath.

“Muvhevhi inquired from MANGORWA about the number and gender categories of the people who stay at the staff quarters. After MANGORWA indicated that she was alone, MUVHEVHI then forked out of his trousers pocket ten United States Dollars ($10-00) and requested MANGORWA to buy a free range chicken (road runner) and prepare him food to eat.

“Before MANGORWA could respond to the fugitive’s request, a locally known drug addict who stays at the staff quarters, Nyahwema suddenly arrived in a drunken stupor and demanded MUVHEVHI to account for his presence at the School Staff Quarters.

“The interruption made by NYAHWEMA irritated MUVHEVHI, who withdrew his holstered Pistol and fired three shots at NYAHWEMA who was within a ten meters radius. All the three shots missed the target who sprinted for dear life, the moment he saw the gun being withdrawn. He was able to think fast and dodge the bullet because he was drunk.”

Soon after firing at Nyahwema, Muvhevhi hastily left Mutare Boys High School and disappeared into the nearby Asei Game Park.

He was later captured and arrested by citizens in Mozambique, who handed him over to the country’s police.

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