The veteran Nigerian Ghetto singer Baba Fryo from Ajegunle took to his social media handle to share a disturbing photo of what unknown Nigerian soldiers did to him. The singer who was covered in his own blood and had severe bruise all over his face cried out in anguish how he was brutalize by soldiers from the Nigerian Army.

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The singer who is known for releasing street songs like Dem go dey pose in the late 90s. And also sang with a popular Nigerian music style known as Galala.

His real name is Friday Igwe.  Baba Fryo as he was popular known shared a bloody photos of his face says, ‘I was humiliated by unknown soldiers’.

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Although,  the Veteran Nigerian musician, Friday Igwe,  didn’t share details of what might had transpired between the Nigerian soldiers and himself to have been given such treatment in the first place.  He only shared photos of his battered face saying he was assaulted by unknown soldiers in Lagos.

Veteran musician, Baba Fryo shares bloody photos of his face says,

In his own words he wrote; ”I was humiliated by unknown soldiers I tried forced them to the barrack but a female soldier interfered and allowed them to escape. The case is under investigation. Thanks to Ojo Army barrack who took the case on their shoulder I pray they will surely be caught and brought to book.”

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According to, The singer who recently revealed  that he stopped taking weed and other related substances three years ago, told Sunday Scoop that foolhardiness is what makes artistes abuse drugs and alcohol.

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He said, “To me, it is just stupidity for one to abuse anything or take hard drugs because I don’t see the benefit. Anyone who takes hard drugs is just ‘donating’ madness to him or herself. Most of these young guys indulge in these things because they either want to show off or are influenced by their friends.

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“As for me, drugs don’t add anything to me. Now, I only take alcohol and that is whenever I am in the midst of friends, but I don’t drink excessively.”

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