A video have been making rounds on social media space. The video which depicts a man and wife who are both gym enthusiast. After working out awhile the man tried something very funny by lifting his plus sized wife, only to fall down flat on the ground with her. The video got alot of people talking and reacting at the same time.

Some went as far as opining that this is what happens when your wife is bigger than you! According to the famousblog,in the video, the man who was trying to be romantic while attempting to lift up his wife, the weight of the wife made him fall down as the wife crash landed on him on the floor.

He Tried To Lift His Plus-Sized Woman Up But They Both Crashed #ambetterdays

A post shared by TheFamousNaija(@thefamousnaija) on May 24, 2019 at 7:50am PDT

See how social media users reacted to it. Mr Brown wrote; ”Since biblical times, foolish men have been dying trying to swallow more than they can chew. Is he blind?!”

Sage Mk wrote; ”She’s almost as heavy as a baby elephant. We’ll never know what made him believe he could do it. And people wonder why women live longer than men.”

Joke wrote; ”This is what befalls the man who does not follow his father’s advice to marry a wife of his size!”

Stephanie wrote; ”Skinny tiny men always like them big so that they can enjoy as if they sleeping on mattrass”.

Plus size women are generally socially frowned upon and openly shunned by people especially those in the fashion industry. African women have the tendency to blow up after child birth and in some cases, acknowledged by some as evidence of healthy living.

Over time, plus size ladies have come to be psychologically ostracised and become a social issue and subject of discourse among health and well-being experts, giving room to debates and seminars on how to change the perception about being plump.

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