The football world was rocked with a piece of sad news after a referee collapses and dies on the field of play while a league match was going on after he suffered a heart attack at high altitude.

A referee in Bolivia has died from a heart attack after collapsing while officiating a league match played at high altitude. Victor Hugo Hurtado, 31, was taking charge of Always Ready and Oriente Petrolero’s Bolivian league game when he collapsed in the 47th minute.

WARNING!!! viewers discretion is advised before watching the footage.



Muere árbitro en plena cancha

Se desplomó en el césped al minuto 50 de juego…

Víctor Hugo Hurtado tenía 32 años

Se cree que fue debido a un infarto

Ocurrió en Bolivia…

— LUĮS ENRĮQUĘ ĄLFØNZØ (@LEAdeportes) May 19, 2019

Always Ready doctor Eric Kosziner said, according to the BBC, that the referee had one heart attack on the field and another upon arriving at the hospital. Footage emerged on social media of the moment Hurtado toppled over backwards during the match, with players from both sides immediately rushing over and calling on treatment.

The match was played at Always Ready’s Municipal Stadium, which has an altitude of 3,900 metres. The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, wrote on Twitter: “We regret the passing of referee Victor Hugo Hurtado. We send our condolences and solidarity to your family, friends and colleagues. Bolivian football is in mourning.”

The match was goalless when Hurtado collapsed and finished with Always Ready winning 5-0.

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