Response of the man accused of snatching friends wife after being his best man.

Late last week we carried a story of a man accused of marryng hs best friend wife while she was yet to divorce him. The current development in a facebook page, the accused man Jeff cred out that he never was the ex-hubsand best man in their weddng nor ever met the man.

He further posted he picture of the actual best man for the public to see and judge for on their own.

This is his facebook comment:

Don’t ever. Judge a book by it’s cover always learn to hear from the other side. It has been trending on social media . he claimed I was his best man .I have never seen this man all my life . Thanks to this helpful photographer for this pics.

This was his best man sited beside him. So many unfriendly friends commenting ,posting rubbish on air without knowing the true story . it very easy to spoil and hard to repair , I never wanted to post anything but,i just decided to drop this here at least to let you know how false this story was.

The aggrieved husband Shola Motunbi, 39 got married to Marian Ekiomado in August 2016, and he had claimed that the new man Marian is married to was his best man and he got to know about their amorous relationship, after his daughter told him about the man’s visit to their home anytime he was away.

As the story unfolds, the truth will be known.

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