Relative of family of four died in Ojuelegba container tragedy says heartbreakingly, “We spent millions before the Govt released their corpses.”

“My eyes were awakened to realize the depravity of this nation and our leaders by my brother’s passing and the loss of his family.”

According to a relative of the four-person family who perished in the Ojuelegba container tragedy, they spent millions of Naira before the Lagos State Government released their bodies.

On January 29, 2023, near the Ojuelegba bridge in Lagos, Pastor Emeka Okoli, his wife, two children, and nine other passengers perished when a container-laden truck collided with the commercial bus they were riding.

On March 16, 2023, the four members of the family were laid to rest in their community in the Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State.

After their burial, the sister of the late pastor, Ijeoma, criticized the Lagos State government on Facebook for putting their family through hardship and suffering before releasing the family’s remains.

“My brother’s death and his family opened my eyes to see the wickedness of this country and our leaders. We suffered in the hands of lagos state government just to carry their corpse. We spend millions before their corpse were released.”

“I prayed bitterly with a broken heart that all of them will suffer the same fate, I mean all and no exception. God will punish them all for the trauma they caused my family, the suffering.

“They cut the life of my brother and his family short and still stressed the life out of us including our pocket. We know the length we went, including the lawyers involved before they even look at us. I only pity the citizens fighting for this wicked politicians, they love no one. Nigeria is not a place to live, it is death zone looking for who to kill.

“I never know I will someday post this kind of heartbreaking pictures on my wall. Emeka nwannem and his family are gone forever , Their generation wiped off the surface of this earth because of a use….less government, Nigeria happened to us

“My brother and his family would have been alive enjoying their lives today if they were in another country, but Nigeria cut their lives short. A prayer warrior and his family is gone

“An evangelist and his family are no more. Our pastor and Gods own servant gone with his family. It was a festival of weeping that I can’t control myself but keep asking God why? I have never felt this terrible and pained all through my life. I miss you Bro. Farewell.”

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