Regina Daniels father reveals her real age and that of Ned nwoko in phone call

“It’s extremely painful to see Ned Nwoko senior get married to my 17 year old daughter today” – Regina Daniels’ father says in tears while speaking in an interview earlier today.

Excerpts from an interview between Barrister Jude Ojeogwo, the biological father of actress, Regina Daniels and a media house, team Cutiejuls reveal that he is not in support of the recent development of his daughter.

When Ojeogwo was asked how old his daughter is, he revealed the actress is turning 18 in October this year. Barrister Jude also explained that the reason why the actress’s mother, Rita Daniels made herself the sole decision maker is because of greed.

He revealed that the reason why Rita’s bride price could not be paid was due to the fact that her paternal family could not be traced.

He also revealed that his daughter’s fiance, is 62 and not 59. He affirms this because they both grew up in the same compound as young boys.

He revealed he spoke to his daughter this morning and warned her about the new phase she’s about to start but she told him she’s aware of what she’s getting into and stated that it’s her mother’s decision and also, that Ned Nwoko is a fine gentleman and she loves him.

Ojeogwo stated that despite not paying Rita Daniels’ bride price, he has been very responsible for the financial support of all his 4 kids with Rita and that the 2 boys lived with him until recently when the mother advised they move in with her into her new home.

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