If there’s one thing we should expect from Regina Daniels, it’s her feisty side, thanks to Nigerians who have shown disapproval of her alleged marriage to billionaire politician, Ned Nwoko as the actress has grown thick skin over time. Right now, the young actress has reacted to a message on social media that has left fans surprised.

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In what looked so real, one of Regina Daniels parody husband got a shocking response from the Nollywood actress after provoking her with an annoying message on her Instagram page. This led to a battle of words on social media.

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The parody with user name Nednwoko_Senator commented on one of Regina post by saying:‘Baby please is getting late, pls return home early. missing you on bed’

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But unfortunately for the parody husband, the young actress didn’t find it funny and reply in the harshest way possible. She simply replied:

‘You are mad’

See their exchange below:

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Ever since the relationship between Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko began, Regina Daniels has been under close watch from critics and admirers. She suffered a lot of backlash from those who felt she was too young to have tangled with such an old man and was accused of loving his money only.

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On the flip side, others who feel otherwise keep sending their hearty congratulations and support to the young Nollywood star who has been rumoured to be pregnant as well. For now, we expect Regina to brace up for more parody accounts and trolls as her social media battles have only just begun. Anyway, we trust her to be strong enough to fight them off and concentrate on her newly found love, Ned Nwoko.

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