Reality star Bre Tiesi was ‘very upset’ to learn that her baby daddy Nick Cannon was welcoming his ninth child with another woman by reading it online

Bre Tiesi, a reality actress, apparently read about her baby daddy, Nick Cannon, expecting a second child online and was “very surprised and upset.”

Chlelsea Lazkani revealed Tiesi’s off-camera response when she learned Cannon would be expecting another child with model LaNisha Cole in the fourth episode of the most recent season of the Netflix reality show.

Just three months after Tiesi gave birth to her and Cannon’s son, Legendary Love, now 10 months old, Cannon and Cole had a girl, Onyx Ice.

The eighth of Cannon’s 12 children—12 offspring he had with six different women—is Legendary Love.

“So, she pulled up her phone and she turned it to me,” Lazkani said of Tiesi (per People). “It said, ‘Nick Cannon welcomes child with LaNisha Cole.’’

Reality star Bre Tiesi was

Lazkani added that Tiesi was “very surprised” and “very upset.”

“This was, like, completely a secret,” she said. “Ultimately, every additional baby is time taken away from the bond that your child and their father is gonna have.”

In the fifth episode, agents Chrishell Stause, Amanza Smith, and Heather Rae El Moussa then shared their thoughts about the situation.

“Obviously, Bre is sensitive about a very personal topic,” said Stause, who was also present during the conversation with Lazkani and Tiesi when Tiesi found out about Cannon’s ninth baby.

“She was, you know, really emotional,” she added.

Smith said: “It felt like to me Chelsea was concerned that Bre’s baby was going to have an absent father now or something. And then low-key blames Bre and Nick, or whatever. Because Chelsea’s situation, she has a great husband. She’s still married, two kids, a supportive husband. Not everybody gets that picture-perfect household.”

“There’s so many ways to have a family,” said Stause, before Smith responded: “Nick sounds like an awesome dad.”

In episode eight, Tiesi found out that Lazkani and the other agents had been talking about her relationship with Cannon behind her back, which she did not take too kindly.

“You don’t need to agree with my situation; this is my situation,” she said to Lazkani over dinner in Palm Springs. “I’m not going to have people in this office talk about my family. I’m not.”

Tiesi then left the dinner table before finishing the night by telling agent Heather Rae El Moussa to “mind your fucking business.”

“All I’m saying is respect me. Don’t talk about my business. If you’re going to, we’re going to have a problem,” said Tiesi.

The rapper welcomed five of his children in 2022 alone during his open relationship with the reality star.

Cannon’s ninth baby — daughter Onyx Ice, eight months — was born three months after Tiesi welcomed their son.  


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