Real Warri Pikin and husband set to have ‘dream wedding’ after 10 years of marriage

Ten years after their initial marriage ceremony, Real Warri Pikin Anita Asuoha and her husband Ikechukwu Asuoha proclaimed their intention to have their ideal wedding.

It may be noted that the couple’s ideal engagement celebration, where the comedienne was proposed to by her spouse, took place sometime last year.

Real Warri Pikin recently posted on Instagram that she was unhappy with their first wedding and claimed financial restrictions as the cause.

The couple has chosen to redo their vows and hold their ideal wedding on June 10 in order to commemorate their tenth wedding anniversary.

“#ANIIKE2023 We are thrilled to announce that we will be having our Dream wedding – the one that we have always wanted and wished for! It’s going to be a celebration of our love and commitment to each other. With a renewed sense of purpose and a deep understanding of what truly matters, our love and the journey we’re on together,” she wrote.

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