Reactions when a corper shares a cute throwback with his mother: “He served twice.”

During a sweet throwback with his mother, a graduate who just started his one-year national service wins hearts.

The graduate, who goes by Ayo Kunle on Twitter, used the microblogging platform to publish a flashback photo of his mother carrying him when they were young soldiers.

A second image portrays Kunle as an adult who has started his one-year necessary national duty, and his mother, who appears to be ageless.

Twitter users have reacted to the images that have gone viral, marveling at his mother’s youthful appearance.

@itsnotshalom wrote: “Your Mum didn’t age one bit🥺🖤”

@Wendy_luv3 wrote: “Nigerian government is owing you a lot of money because it’s not easy to serve your father land twice, nice and beautiful 🥰🥰”

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