Nigerian lady, has revealed her ordeal with Arab men who almost turned her into a sxx machine all in the name of seeking for a greener pasture. In a video making rounds online, the lady talked about what other Nigerian ladies and other African ladies pass through in the hands of Arab men.

According to her, she had to quit her job and return home due to the excessive rate her bosses took turns and equally threatened to kill her if she tried any nonsense with them. She equally revealed how the men over there claim to own their body, making them to use the ladies anyhow.Watch sickening video below;View this post on Instagram

VIDEO: LAdy Shares Her Ordeal In Arab Country.

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According to zenithnaija, the lady revealed shocking details what Arab men did to girls in their country. She also shared how 99 percent of girls in Arabian countries were slaves.

The lady who also recounts how they threaten to kill her if she do not corporate with them. They told her, she has been bought for a period of two years and they are allowed to do what ever they wanted to her. Laying more emphasises, the pretty lady claimed that any girl who’s comfortable  in a Arab country is having sex with their bosses.

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Many Nigerians took to their social media handle to react to the video. Reacting one Jason wrote; ”First of all, what is the nature of your job over there?  I believe she must have had some orientation of what African ladies go through in the Middle East before paying for her flight ticket.”

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”Arab Men and India Men are sex predators and are known for being violent when it comes to the opposite sex.  Na you do yourself… You better go and run a medical check on yourself because those monsters might have deposited some various degrees of STD’s.”

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Sage wrote; ”Look at her shading crocodile tears. I laugh in Swahili. So with absolutely no academic qualification, you travel about 3670 miles to the Middle East in search of greener pastures… Tell me how do you expect to make it? Are you a magician??
Who will give you a decent job in anothers man’s land when the only thing you’ve on CV is breast and àss?  Lies. We all know she went there to spread her legs.  Now she’s claiming victimized. Ha-ha. You didn’t honour your body, so you expect Arab men who rides camels to honour you”

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