Power-Drunk Nigerian Army Lieutenant, Other Senior Officers Batter, Flog Junior Female Soldier With Sticks In Abuja (Video)

A viral video caught the moment a female Nigerian Army officer (name withheld) was brutally attacked by her superiors.

The female soldier was also held for several hours in a cell on the instructions of a power-drunk lieutenant, according to a military source who shared the recordings with SaharaReporters.

The informant claims that the lieutenant and several commanders publicly thrashed the private soldier.

In one of the videos, a male soldier can be seen striking a female coworker with a large stick as another tries to hold her down. Others watched from a distance as the attack continued.

According to the source, the private soldier was beaten publicly by the lieutenant and other officers.

One of the videos shows a male soldier hitting the female colleague with a big stick while another one tried to hold her down. Some others stood by and looked on as the assault went on. 

“Na blow oo, we were in class today and Lieutenant slapped the girl, so the girl responded and told her not to slap her again. The officer was very angry, she said so the female soldier had mouth to talk to her.

“She now asked the lady to be given fatigue and be detained at the guard room. Not long after, one second lieutenant, a guy came and asked who disrespected the lieutenant, so this girl raised her hand up, this second lieutenant then slapped this girl again.

“So they asked her to go to the guard room, then the two officers and others followed her and started beating her with sticks. She was really brutalized,” the soldier who witnessed the incident said.

SaharaReporters further gathered that the incident occurred on Wednesday at the Nigerian Army Women Corps in Abuja.

Watch the video below

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