Portable Stole My Properties, I’m The One Behind His Arrest – Singer Manny Monie Reveals

Nigerian singer, Manny Monie, has recently revealed in a video that he is the one responsible for the recent woes of his former label boss, Portable, who he was previously signed under.

Manny Monie claimed that he has been writing petitions about Portable since December, and he knows fully about the arrest of his former boss.

Manny Monie also accused Portable of stealing his properties and spreading false rumors about him. These accusations led him to write petitions about Portable to the police over the past few weeks. The video has been making rounds online, sparking conversations and concerns amongst fans and industry insiders.

Portable, who previously trended online in November 2018 after assaulting Manny Monie for allegedly using another distributor, had settled the differences between them. However, Manny Monie claimed that Portable accused him of being a fraudster, even after he paid him 700k to feature him on one of his songs.

According to Manny Monie, the police officers had given Portable three months before his arrest to avoid damaging his reputation, but the singer refused to respond to the petitions written to him.

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