Popular Twitter Influencer, Pelumi ‘Jellybum’ Trends For Selling Women’s Nude To Men

Pelumi Jellybum, a social media activist and influencer, gained notoriety on Tuesday after it was claimed that she had sold men naked images of women.

According to information obtained, Pelumi Jellybum has been engaging in this act for years. Typically, she urges some women on her twitter timeline to send her their naked photos in her direct message (DM), after which she sells them to interested men for a small fee.

Earlier today, Designer Body, a Twitter user, posted the following;

“send me titties” nah man dey view am as you dey send am”

Another user, Aduke quoted and reply same tweet by Designer body. she wrote;

“Since nobody is going to say it, i will. This is Pelumi Jellybum’s sub.”

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