Police find a corpse in a river close to where a mother of two went missing, according to Nicola Bulley

An “underwater search team and specialist officers have attended the scene, entered the water, and unfortunately recovered a body,” according to Lancashire Police.

by journalists James Robinson and Andy Hayes

A body has been found in a waterway close to where missing mother-of-two Nicola Bulley was last seen by police who are still looking for her.

After dropping her girls off at school on January 27, Ms. Bulley was last seen walking her dog beside the River Wyre in St. Michael’s on Wyre, about a mile from where her body was discovered.

Although an official identification has not yet been made, the 45-year-family old’s has been notified, according to Lancashire Constabulary.

According to a statement from Lancashire Police, “we were called today at 11.36am to reports of a body in the River Wyre, near to Rawcliffe Road.”

A body was sadly found after an underwater search squad and specialized police officers arrived on the scene, entered the water, and searched the area.

“We cannot yet confirm whether this is Nicola Bulley because no official identification has been made.

“The process of identifying the body is still continuing. The cause of the death is presently being investigated.

“The family of Nicola has been updated on the situation, and during this extremely trying time, our prayers are with them. We request that their anonymity be upheld.”

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