“Please return my N4 million” – Nigerian lady in tears as she pleads with bank

On Twitter, a Nigerian woman going by the handle A ma ka__ pleaded for assistance, claiming Zenith bank had taken 4 million naira from her account.

She described receiving three debit notices from the bank in less than five minutes, all of which she had not authorised.

The first debit alert, for 3.7 million naira, was sent to an account at an access bank. The second alert, for 222,900 naira, was also sent to the same access bank.

The third and final debit alert of 102,000 naira, which was wired to an Uba account, arrived less than a minute later.

She added that the total amount withdrawn was above four million naira, leaving only 12900 naira.

She went to access bank to complain and they said the money has left the recipient’s account. She begged Zenith bank to send her money back.

She added that she was a former Zenith bank staff at the Apapa branch, and has no other bank accounts elsewhere. She did not misplace her Atm or her phone, and neither does she use her account for online transactions.

See the video below:

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