Peter Obi calls for calm after being spotted at Asaba Airport on Tuesday after Saturday’s presidential election

After being observed at Asaba Airport on February 28—a few days after the presidential election on Saturday—Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the Labour Party, issued a call for calm.

Peter Obi urged for calm after reports of rampant rigging and emphasized that Nigeria is a growing country in his call.

The Labour Party candidate for president also claimed that party members have low expectations of people in authority because of their efforts to address a problem that has plagued the nation for years.

Obi advised his fans to maintain their composure and be persistent in calling attention to everything that went wrong. Added him:

“We will remain calm, we will remain persistent and consistent. We will remain calm. That is the only way we can do. Here is a country where all we are saying is good governance, let the government care for the poor people. That is all we are asking for.”

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