Peacemaker Ended With Amputated Arm In Kano

Salisu Hussaini had no idea that being a peacemaker and separating a fight between two of his neighbours in Kano would alter the course of his life in a way he never imagined.

The incident which happened in Fagge area of Kano metropolis led Hussaini, a 21-year-old tailor, to lose his arm after he was stabbed by a notorious criminal, Abubakar Ayuba, also known as Namama in the area.

According to reports, Namama and one Abdullahi Muhammad, known as Alhaji Ozil, were engaged in a fight on March 30, which was degenerating into a brutal one when Hussaini decided to intervene and broker peace but ended up being stabbed with a knife which led to an infection.

Narrating the incident on his sickbed where his right arm was amputated, Hussaini called on authorities to fight for his right as he could not imagine life without an arm.

He said, “When I saw them fighting and threatening to kill themselves, I decided to intervene so that peace could reign. I approached Namama who I know is troublesome and advised him to stop threatening to kill people. He brought out a knife and attempted to stab me in my stomach, but when I dodged, he stabbed me on my arm.

“I was then taken to a hospital where they required a police officer to come along. After the treatment, my hand was not getting any better. I then moved to the Murtala Muhammed Specialist Hospital where they referred me to the Aminu Kano University Teaching Hospital (AKUTH) and later to this place (Dala Orthopaedic Hospital) where they confirmed that the hand had decayed and must be amputated.”

The police in Kano confirmed the incident and said the suspect was in their custody.

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