Pastor Jerry Eze is questioned by Daddy Freeze about an election prophecy and asks, “Did the angels approve of the rigging?

He questioned if the angels sent to watch the results approved of, disregarded, or took part in the rigging.

Pastor Jerry Eze of Nigeria has come under fire from media personality Daddy Freeze for a statement he made on the 2023 presidential election.

You might remember that Pastor Jerry, the senior pastor of Streams of Joy International, used Twitter to caution those compiling the election results.

He said that angels were keeping an eye on the election results at every voting location across the nation.

He claimed that the result was being watched by the same angel who struck King Herod in the Bible, therefore INEC officials should exercise caution.

“The Angel that slapped Herod is presently monitoring Polling Units and Election results around Nigeria . Beware!!!” he tweeted.

Daddy Freeze went online after the election’s results to challenge the clergyman’s assertion.

As there are suspected accusations of irregularities in the election result, he questioned whether the angels sent to monitor the results supported, disregarded, or participated in the rigging.

Daddy Freeze posted on his Instagram page, saying,

My question is: did the angels endorse the rigging, ignore the rigging or join the rigging?

People will still ignore facts and attack me for opening their eyes to see what’s obvious to all.”

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