One feared dead as tanker falls in Lagos

At Otto Wharf, Mile 2, Lagos, a diesel-filled tanker collided with a stopped towing vehicle, causing one person to be thought dead.

Margret Adeseye, the director of the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service, reported that another person was hurt in the accident, which occurred in the early hours of this morning, Jan. 15.

According to Adeseye, everything happened as a result of the barricades toll collectors erected in the neighbourhood.

“The incident, which was reported at 4am on Sunday early hours, involved a 45,000 litre tanker travelling from Apapa to Oshodi where it loaded diesel to its maximum capacity before falling on a stationary towing van while in motion, negotiating its way out of barriers set up by nefarious individuals,” she said.

“The resultant accident was mitigated by the Sari-Iganmu Fire Crew of the agency from resulting in a fire incident,” adding “two male adults were involved as one was rescued alive with injuries (and taken) to the hospital, and the other victim recovered was suspected dead.”

She added that the remains of the tanker and the towing van had been evacuated. 

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