OAP Nedu advises women, “Be suspicious if your partner insists on no sexual activity before marriage.”

He said that several wives had come to him with concerns about their husbands’ subpar sex behavior, which they had been ignorant of prior to marriage.

celebrity in the media Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, often known as Nedu, has advised women to be wary of men who insist on forbidding sexual activity before to marriage.

On a current episode of The Honest Bunch, Nedu issued this caution.

Nedu believes that when a man ardently supports the idea of having no sex before marriage, it can be a red flag.

He added that other wives had confided in him about their husbands’ unsatisfactory sex lives, which they had been ignorant about prior to marriage.

“If a man is telling you no sex before marriage, find out if he has other preferences. One woman shared on my radio show, ‘Nedu, I have been cheating on my husband. Not once, but multiple times. Nedu, if you were in my shoes, you would do the same.

I asked why, and she explained that her husband struggles with erectile dysfunction. I empathized with her and supported her decision. Men, I’m sorry. This guy just married her and was saying no sex before marriage. That’s how she got trapped,” he said.

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