Nigeria’s Economy👎 ‘A Complete Disaster’ Under Buhari,🗣 Says Ezekwesili. (Video)

A former Presidential Candidate of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria in the 2019 elections, Dr Oby Ezekwesili, has blasted the performance of the Buhari Administration, especially in terms of economic and social growth.

So, what it means is that as these lower levels of GDP growth rate are going on and our population (growth) rates are steady at above 2% – almost 3%, we actually are getting poorer.”

A situation were millions of Nigerian have no jobs is a red flag for Ezekwesili, who explained that if the country was public quoted company it would have been put up for rescue operations.

“Economic policy has to signal immediately to the market that we will be a government that enables and support the private sector to do what it must do, while we will invest in the most important area of human development, health and education because we need a productive citizenry,” she said.

Source: channels tv

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