A video has been making rounds on social media space where a young secondary school boy was been hailed for him restraining himself from beating up a secondary Schoolgirl who provoked him.  The video has spared alot of reactions from internet users who were impressed by how much the school boy could endure from his class mate.

In the viral video, the secondary school girl was seen pushing the boy and daring him to do his worst. The boy who seemed agitated by the actions of the girl warned her sternly, to stop with the provocation, but the girl refused and continued to taunt him. Rather than hitting her, he restrained himself countlessly times from descending on her. Watch video below;View this post on Instagram

Boy Hailed For Resisting The Temptation Of Girl Who Dared Him

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Unlike his  some of his counterpart, who’d have beaten the living day out of her for daring a male, such as themselves, the way he handled the situation got a lot of people according him some accolades.

Some internet users eulogised him, and said he was deserving of respect.  Some ladies even went as far as saying they can’t take what the guy took from the girl. See reactions from people and watch the video after the cut.

John wrote; ”This is the part of domestic violence people don’t see, when a man is trying to have peace of mind by walking away but the woman constantly pushes him to the edge then one day it gets too much and he slaps her,she comes out to shout domestic violence and then  you see nonsense feminist come flying in like witches from all angles.”

Wels wrote; ”The benefit of having self control is that,ladies will forever respect you and see you as one who they can live up to.
Being restrained is no sign of weakness especially towards girls, Personally from my younger days in secondary school I never recall a time when hit any girl and they all later came to respect my personality deeply. And guys regardless of the annoying nature of most women,do well to respect ladies.”

Joel wrote; ”Learn to walk away, it doesn’t mean you’re weak but means you have self control which would resonate in other areas of your life. Take it from a guy who grew up with annoying sisters.”

Macmilla wrote; ”No one has the monopoly of abuse, whether physical or verbal.”

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