Nigerian woman cries loudly, “My husband always abuses me in public, doesn’t give me money for hair, clothes, or cream.”

She claimed that while she had given the marriage some thought, her siblings had advised her to put up with the abuse.

Violet Omhenke, a woman from Nigeria, has resorted to Facebook to complain about how her husband mistreats her at home.

On Friday, March 31, Violet posted in a Christian social media group about her marriage problems and asked the participants for guidance.

She disclosed that her spouse disrespects her, belittles her in public, and threatens to eject her at the first sign of trouble.

Her spouse, she claims, doesn’t provide for her basic requirements and won’t give her money to establish a business.

The woman said she had thought about leaving the marriage but her siblings advised her to put up with the abuse because their family does not divorce. The woman appeared frustrated.

Violet wrote,

“Please I need advice in the house, when I never ask my husband something he always tells me, nothing about me concerns him. He doesn’t have money for hair, clothes and even to buy cream, nor even to open a store. He always insults me both in public. He always tells me he will pack my things out one day. I ‘ve told my sister and brother everything, still they told me to stay. They said in my family d women do not marry 2 times. Please I need advice and help bcos I don’t have father and mother anymore, please.”

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